VL Capital Systematic U.S. Equity Strategy
The VL Capital Systematic U.S. Equity Strategy is the firm’s primary investment offering and seeks to maximize return relative to risk assumed. The strategy takes long positions in U.S. equities based on a combination of quantitative and fundamental value indicators programmed into VL Capital’s proprietary algorithm. The Systematic U.S. Equity Strategy is rebalanced at regular intervals throughout the year and maintains a low level of position turnover.

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VL Capital Risk Parity Strategy
The VL Capital Risk Parity strategy seeks to maximize the benefits diversification through risk-based allocation. The strategy invests globally across stocks, bonds, and commodities, allocating smaller amounts of capital to assets that are more risky and larger amounts to assets that are less risky. The Risk Parity Strategy is composed of assets that provide either a positive expected return or some portfolio diversification benefit over the long term.

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