Research at VL Capital Management  
Research Methodology
VL Capital takes a purely quantitative approach to fundamental value investing. All investment models are proprietary to the firm and there is no reliance on third party research to make security selections. VL Capital also departs from the industry norm of focusing on short-term profits, rather holding positions for long-term periods. This investment methodology has led to VL Capital consistently outperforming the broad stock market index and has created significant value for its investors.

Equity Research
Our equity research primarily focuses on developing and improving our proprietary stock selection signals. Our equity signals are combined to create a powerful, multi-tiered ranking model that has been the foundation for the VL Capital Systematic U.S. Equity Strategy.
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Economic Research
VL Capital develops its own proprietary macroeconomic models. The VL Capital Recession Risk Index is a multi-factor, quantitative model that analyzes U.S. economic data to determine the probability of a recession on a monthly basis. The Recessions Risk Index has accurately predicted every economic recession in the U.S. dating back to 1971.
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