VL Capital Management 
Micro Cap U.S. Equity Portfolio  

The VL Capital Micro Cap U.S. Equity Portfolio actively invests in the common stock of micro-capitalization companies in the United States, which is defined as those having a market capitalizations of $50 million to $300 million. The Portfolio makes security selections using a proprietary model that incorporates both statistical and fundamental analysis. The Micro Cap U.S. Equity Portfolio is rebalanced on a discretionary basis.

  • Makes concentrated bets on a basket of micro capitalization U.S. stocks
  • More exposure to growth relative to large cap stocks


Key Information

Manager VL Capital Management
Account Structure Separately Managed
Custodian Interactive Brokers
Benchmark Russell Microcap® Index
Dividend Yield 1.40%

1. The information presented herein is for informational purposes only about VL Capital Management’s investment portfolios and is not intended as a solicitation to invest. Past performance is not an indication or guarantee of future results.