VL Capital Management 
Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio  

The VL Capital Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio actively invests in the common stock of emerging markets companies trading on U.S. exchanges. The Portfolio makes security selections using a proprietary model that incorporates both statistical and fundamental analysis. The current investable universe includes companies headquartered in 26 geographies including Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The portfolio is rebalanced on a discretionary basis.

  • Diversified exposure to emerging markets equities
  • Potential for high growth from developing economies
  • Low correlation with U.S. equities


Key Information

Manager VL Capital Management
Account Structure Separately Managed
Custodian Interactive Brokers
Benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Index
Dividend Yield 0.35%

1. The information presented herein is for informational purposes only about VL Capital Management’s investment portfolios and is not intended as a solicitation to invest. All returns are provided net of management fees. Past performance is not an indication or guarantee of future results. Actual performance may be higher or lower than performance data quoted.
2. The First Value Date is the first day for which there is a calculated value (either live or back-tested) for a given portfolio. Back-tested performance, which is hypothetical and not actual performance, is subject to inherent limitations because it reflects application of a methodology and selection of constituents in hindsight. No theoretical approach can take into account all of the factors in the markets in general and the impact of decisions that might have been made during the actual operation of a strategy. Actual returns may differ from, and be lower than, back-tested returns.