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Why Tech Stocks Are Rising

By Christopher Hamman Growth stocks, particularly technology stocks, have outperformed the broader stock market since the lows in March. The general consensus is that large-cap technology stocks are most insulated from the coronavirus pandemic because most do not have direct exposure compared to retailers, for example. This shift has propelled technology stocks to all-time highs […]

Market Commentary – May 2020

U.S. stocks continued to recover in May as states began the process of reopening their economies following nationwide lockdowns from the COVID-19 outbreak. As of May 28th, over 40 million jobs have been lost in the U.S. during the past ten weeks, which represents the most rapid rise in unemployment in U.S. history. Fortunately, the […]

Market Commentary – July 2019

U.S. stocks notched their sixth monthly gain for the year in July. Better than expected corporate earnings from many companies helped to push markets to record highs during the month. Additionally, the expectation of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve materialized on July 31st with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announcing a 0.25% interest […]

Market Commentary – March 2019

U.S. stocks continued their run higher during March to cap off the best quarterly performance for equities in the last decade. While economic data continues to be mixed, U.S. consumer sentiment showed significant improvement in March. Consumer spending comprises almost 70% of the U.S. economy and therefore is crucial to sustained economic growth. We continue […]

8 Value Stocks to Buy Now

By Rebecca Lake Even though the gaming sector made a strong showing in 2018, several gaming stocks are delivering deep discounts for value investors. Daniel Lugasi, founder and portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Winter Park, Florida, points to EA as a go-to choice. “The stock is currently trading at a forward price-to-earnings ratio […]

The Principles of Investing

While the principles of investing are actually not that complicated, few individual investors have a solid understanding of them. This is largely because investing is not taught as a basic academic subject, which is unfortunate because it leads to poor financial decisions by a large number of people. In this brief overview we will cover […]

How to Bet Against Stocks

By Jeff Brown “The process of shorting a stock can become very costly and therefore it is prudent to only hold shorts for a minimal amount of time,” says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Orlando, Florida. Risk versus reward for shorting is “extremely unbalanced,” Lugasi says. “The maximum gain on a […]

Smart Beta ETFs Surpass $500 Billion in Assets, And Financial Advisors Better Understand Why

By Brian O’Connell For financial advisors, smart beta ETFs like RSP make a lot of sense for investors, provided fees are kept in check and the smart beta component used intelligently, says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager with VL Capital Management. Lugasi says the burgeoning success of smart beta ETFs “shows the power of systematically exploiting […]

Should You Invest in Jose Cuervo?

By Brendan Hilliard Daniel Lugasi, president and founder of VL Capital Management, echoes this saying that trends in recent years have shifted in consumption to high-end tequila varieties while lower quality, mixed tequila shipments have remained flat. Lugasi, whose firm specializes in quantitative equity investing primarily driven by in-house computer systems, says that data from […]