Yearly Archives: 2020

Market Commentary – October 2020

In October, equities saw increased volatility due to the looming U.S. presidential election and a sudden rise in COVID-19 infections. With only one day left until the U.S. presidential election, many market participants will be glad to have this event in the rear-view mirror. The media has spent the last few years building up the […]

Market Commentary – September 2020

In September equities finally took a breather after reaching all-time highs earlier in the month. As many were expecting, tech stocks led the decline as they have moved significantly higher over the past six months. We view this as a normal market correction and expect stocks to retest their early September highs. Going forward, the […]

Market Commentary – August 2020

August was yet another strong month for equities as investors continued to rotate into the asset class from cash and fixed income. Despite the continued uncertainty from COVID-19 and a looming presidential election, a major policy announcement from the Federal Reserve opened the door for stocks to continue their run higher during the month. On […]

How a Second Wave of Coronavirus Lockdowns Will Impact Bitcoin

By Will Heasman Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management, predicts a “rapid decline” from Bitcoin should a second wave unfold, forcing countries back into lockdown. “If lockdowns were not implemented in the wake of a second wave of coronavirus, then we would not expect much of a decline in Bitcoin prices from current […]

Inverse ETFs: What They Are and How to Invest In Them

By Barbara Friedberg The daily compounding of levered inverse ETFs will quickly destroy capital when these funds move against you. Their volatility is a reminder that inverse ETFs are to be used strictly as short-term trading vehicles, says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Orlando, Florida. — Read the Full Article

Market Commentary – July 2020

U.S. equities continued to move higher in July despite rapidly rising COVID-19 infections across the country. On July 16th, daily reported COVID-19 cases hit an all-time high of 77,255. Our view is that stocks can continue higher in the face of rising cases of COVID-19, provided mass lockdowns are not reinstated. We believe that small […]

Why Tech Stocks Are Rising

By Christopher Hamman Growth stocks, particularly technology stocks, have outperformed the broader stock market since the lows in March. The general consensus is that large-cap technology stocks are most insulated from the coronavirus pandemic because most do not have direct exposure compared to retailers, for example. This shift has propelled technology stocks to all-time highs […]

Market Commentary – February 2020

February marked one of the most rapid corrections for U.S. stocks in recent history. In early January, we alluded to the strong possibility of a 10-15% correction in the first quarter of 2020. With this correction now underway, we believe buying opportunities will present themselves as markets move lower. While we were relatively unfazed by […]