Yearly Archives: 2019

Market Commentary – October 2019

U.S. stocks continued their trek higher in October, which was fueled by better than expected corporate earnings, traction with China on a trade deal, and an additional interest rate cut by the Fed. Many market pundits had expected third quarter corporate earnings to take a hit from trade-related headwinds, but in fact close to three […]

Market Commentary – September 2019

In September, U.S. stocks rose for a seventh month this year, which was driven by improving investor sentiment on the heels of yet another Fed rate cut. As many market observers expected, the Fed cut interest rates by another quarter point on September 18th. Given the trickle of weakening economic data being released, we believe […]

Market Commentary – August 2019

In August, U.S. stocks posted their second monthly decline of 2019 with major averages down approximately 2%. The volatility in August was primarily driven by the trade war with China spiraling into a tit-for-tat exchange. Following President Trump’s August 1st announcement of additional tariffs on Chinese goods, the Chinese countered with a fresh round of […]

Market Commentary – July 2019

U.S. stocks notched their sixth monthly gain for the year in July. Better than expected corporate earnings from many companies helped to push markets to record highs during the month. Additionally, the expectation of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve materialized on July 31st with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announcing a 0.25% interest […]

Market Commentary – March 2019

U.S. stocks continued their run higher during March to cap off the best quarterly performance for equities in the last decade. While economic data continues to be mixed, U.S. consumer sentiment showed significant improvement in March. Consumer spending comprises almost 70% of the U.S. economy and therefore is crucial to sustained economic growth. We continue […]

Market Commentary – January 2019

U.S. stocks jumped sharply in January after hitting a 12-month low on December 24th. Fears of an imminent recession and protracted trade war with China were severely overblown and this pullback in equity markets provided a unique buying opportunity. Corporate earnings reports in January were also not nearly as bad as many had predicted. While […]

Slack Seriously Considering Direct Market Listing

By Joshua Franklin, Aparajita Saxena “Slack’s direct listing is an inherently less expensive way of going public, but what it really comes down to is speed,” said Daniel Lugasi, a portfolio manager at Florida-based VL Capital Management. Venture capital firms that have invested in Slack are “looking for an exit and with the rapid growth […]