Yearly Archives: 2018

Pros and Cons to Buying Toyota Stock

By Brian O’Connell “Toyota’s in-line earnings announcement on Nov. 6 shows that the company is still very well-positioned in terms of scale and being one of the low-cost producers in the auto industry,” says Daniel Lugasi, a portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Winter Park, Florida. “The company continues to return cash to shareholders […]

Is Netflix Overvalued? Here’s What Some Experts Think

By Karl Kaufman Is the stock overvalued? Is there room for growth? Daniel Lugasi: While many investors will focus on the sky-high P/E ratio of Netflix to determine whether the stock is overvalued, the better measure is to look at the company’s EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) multiple vs its peers. Netflix […]

Why Index Funds May Not Be Your Best Bet Now

By Kayleigh Kulp The assets you buy and metrics you use, such as dispersion, also play into the equation, says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Orlando, Florida. Dispersion refers to the difference between the best and worst performers in an index. When dispersion is high, active managers that pick stocks tend […]

Why It’s Time to Consider Internet Banks

By Emmet Pierce Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management LLC, said internet banks are gaining popularity among people who want to maximize the return on their savings. “The rapid rise of internet banking in recent years has created a real threat for the traditional model of physical branches,” he said. “As more banking […]

How Investors Can Cope With Market Swings

By Jeff Brown “If one were to invest in a long-short fund, there are many considerations to take into account,” says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management. “First, and foremost, it is crucial to examine the firm’s performance track record. A five-year track record for a strategy is the bare minimum that should […]