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Big-box retailers not down for count yet: Analysts

by Kayleigh Kulp Because of such low prices of some retail stocks, investors should be weary of “value traps,” said Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management. “We believe the most insulated retail companies are those that offer a differentiated service than a company such as Amazon, can provide,” he noted, pointing to TJ […]

Time for Your Half-Year Progress Report

By Jeff Brown “With the S&P 500 index trading at a current (price-to-earnings ratio) of around 26 times current earnings, and a historical average being 16 times current earnings, U.S. stocks are trading at elevated valuation levels,” says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager at VL Capital Management in Orlando, Florida. “Despite this, we have still been […]

Smart Beta ETFs Surpass $500 Billion in Assets, And Financial Advisors Better Understand Why

By Brian O’Connell For financial advisors, smart beta ETFs like RSP make a lot of sense for investors, provided fees are kept in check and the smart beta component used intelligently, says Daniel Lugasi, portfolio manager with VL Capital Management. Lugasi says the burgeoning success of smart beta ETFs “shows the power of systematically exploiting […]

Your Clients Love ETFs and You Should, Too

By Brian O’Connell “The trend toward ETF investing will increase returns for active managers as the spread between the intrinsic value and market value of securities widens. Thus, there will be less active managers seeking abnormal returns, thus more opportunities for those that are consistent stock pickers,” explained Daniel Lugasi, a portfolio manager at VL […]

High Defaults Hammer Online Loan Investors

By Charles Bovaird Unfortunately, online lenders may have a hard time bringing down the default rates that are causing these performance problems, market analyst Daniel Lugasi told Investopedia during an interview. “The only way for online lending platforms to lower default rates is to make credit standards more stringent for applicants,” said Lugasi, portfolio manager […]